Complaint Department

Complaints posted in random order:

Complaint:    Still needing to complain about inequality / injustice

Duration of problem:     50 years 

Responsible party:     society / politics / blind thinking

Desired outcome:    Not needing to complain

Submitted by:      Melinda Stickney-Gibson

Complaint: My Chief Complaint has to do with war and hope. War in general. War on Women. I have lost hope in the prospect of change.

Duration of problem: Uncertain, but getting worse.

Desired Outcome: The Total Transformation of our World into a Place of COMPASSION and MUTUAL RESPECT.

Proposed Solution: Activate! Get involved!

Submitted by:   Paula Lalala

Complaint: Internalized nurturing system is messed up. Overly concerned with the needs of others; at times I’m neglectful and abusive towards myself.

Duration of problem: from childhood on

Is anyone at fault or to blame?: Yes and No ?

Responsible Party: society / patriarchy / authoritarianism / self

Submitted by:    Anonymous

Complaint: an equal rights amendment would have been nice

Submitted by:    Anonymous

Complaint:   No Complaints. Wonderful Artwork

Submitted by:    Jared Handelsman

Complaint:   My Brother + his wife are not involved in (she is cared for in nursing care) caring for our aged, dementia mom, but not even visiting often.

Duration of problem:   4 years

Desired outcome:  He visit mom often, with warmth + care in his hear, say one “thank you” to me for having taken time to stop my life + care for her

Proposed solution:  At this point, not much I can do but wish for a change of their heart.

Submitted by:    Anonymous

Complaint:   Everybody loves the art, nobody understands what it is about

Duration of problem:  Forever

Name or describe the Responsible party:  The public, for not doing their resarch, the artist for not making their disclaimer / inspiration

Desired outcome:  In an information driven society, more information is necessary

Submitted by:  Lex Grey

Complaint:  It’s hard to be treated as a sex object when you are still a girl. Just because we start developing breasts doesn’t mean we’re sexually developed. When will all people who happen to be born with a vagina be treated with respect?

Submitted by:    Anonymous

Complaint:   I dislike an US versus THEM approach towards others. The way some people profess to value love but through their words and actions they express hatred. Hypocrisy in general.

Proposed Solution: I’m stumped!

Submitted by:    Name withheld

Complaint:   rape on college campus

Duration of problem:  ongoing – for me: once

Responsible party:  The dorm/house @ Harvard who had the post-exam party in 1969 and spiked the punch. And the asshole who raped me while I slept and had the gall to say I should be proud that “my first time was with a …”… In general the blame is distributed among sectors of society that do not take rape seriously, justice system that needs reform and anyone who ever says “she deserved it because of – how she dressed, going to a party, on a date, etc. etc.”

Desired outcome:  Part of me wants the rapist to be publically shamed naked. But, unlikely

Submitted by:   Name withheld

Complaint:  Women always being a barter for politicians and other patriarchal society. Like a woman = 10 channels?

Submitted by:  N. L.

Complaint:  I*** B*** owes me $100

Duration of problem:  2 years

Responsible party: I*** B***

Desired outcome:  Pays me $150

Submitted by:  R*** G****

Complaint:  I don’t like when women hurt my fragile feelings.

Duration of problem:   Life

Responsible party:  My ex girlfriend, and a few other women

Desired outcome:  Show some respect

Submitted by:   Joe Blow

Complaint:   There is a dominating energy that seems lika a psychic vampire that lives off of female suppression; it seems like a phony system of entitlement.

Duration of problem:  Longer than I have been aware of it, I’m guessing.

Responsible party:  I’m guessing a  malevolent entity that masquerades as satan and is a shapeless dude-like idiot

Desired outcome:  shapeless dude-like  idiot entity withers away because it become defunded psy”chic”ly

Proposed solution:  envision above like a snuffed out candle 10x per day

Submitted by:    Name withheld

Complaint:  Why is it that everything in this world at the moment revolves around “likes”?

Duration of problem:  I guess pretty recently

Responsible party:   Human nature I guess…. All of us!

Desired outcome:   I hope at some point we can all just chill and find self content

Proposed solution:  Not sure b/c I myself have this problem. Mayve leaving social media + living for ourselves and not the public., But I feel some what dependant on it to show my artwork. Idk.

Submitted by:  Keli Lucas





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